Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Language Of Success

Blogging is part of our daily routine. We will look at each other's blog posts to leave comments.
When we post comments they need to be positive, thoughtful and helpful. They also need to be proof read, just like our blog posts. 

In our blog posts and in our comments we will learn to use the language of success. This means using correct spelling and punctuation. Simple things like capital letters and full stops are important, because we are sharing with the world on the internet. We are representing ourselves, our class and our community. We need to show Parkvale PRIDE. It also means it is easy for people to understand what we are saying. Our learning has an audience.

Update: Our blogging criteria to get a Blogging Licence:

  • use the language of success (correct language, spelling and punctuation)
  • decide on relevant and interesting content
  • proof reading skills
  • save as a draft first
  • multimedia skills (image, sound, video, embedding)
  • linking (including citizenship)
  • labelling
  • view and comment (positive, relevant, constructive, language of success)

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