Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Images of Space

Today these photos were on the all whiteboard. They stayed up there all day long. Some of us talked about them. Some of us ignored them.

At the end of the day we stuck up post-its about the photos. We are becoming curious about our topic. There is so much to explore! Which is your favourite image?

Today my friend shared this photo. It is perfect as we start to get into our own inquiry projects based on this key question:
How do stars in the universe have an impact on us?

Speaking of curiosity, today we sent postcards to the Curiosity rover on Mars. Amazing! One of the many super activities you can try on the NASA Kids Club.

The Curiosity rover investigating Mars


  1. cool photos Mr M I like the rover

  2. Wow Mr M!
    Great photos.
    I really like our space topic

  3. I really like the idea of a post-it. Cool Mr M.

  4. There is allot of good words on the space things.

  5. No afens it looks like junk

  6. I like this post because it's a little bit pink.
    From Annabell and Maia.