Monday, October 21, 2013

Nala and Zippa

On Friday, the Tree of PRIDE were visited by two mischievious labrador puppies. Nala and Zippa are from the same litter. Their owners, Henry and Joshua are both proud daddies.

Nala, Simba's playmate 
Room 16 thought they were so cute, except for Teva who thought "they were a little terrifying." They definitely were excitable and curious. You can see for yourself by watching the video below. Sharyn (Josh's Mum) said that "they are the most photographed puppies in the world." Joshua also wrote a neat story about the arrival of Nala which is definitely worth a read.

Nala and Zippa from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
Music: Don't go down the mine, Dad by Frank Miller used under licence through Creative Commons.


  1. Awesome post Mr M.
    Great video.
    Cute Puppies!
    I like the puppies names.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Am not sure about that music Mr M!????????

    1. The music is 100 years old! I was looking for music on Vimeo and put it on for a laugh when I found it. Thought the students would say take it off - but they gave it a green light!

  3. I love the dogs. Its so cute. Josh and Henry are so lucky. And great post Mr M. Well done.

  4. Awesome post Mr.M!
    I love the video.
    The puppies are so cute.
    Well done;-)

  5. Wow Mr M!
    What a great post on the two puppy's.
    They are really cute.
    I like how you have created a video with some music.
    I also like all the captions with the photo's too.
    Well done Mr M!

  6. cute puppy Henry.from Makayla.Room 13