Monday, November 5, 2012

WALT use our senses effectively to create a story

Success Criteria:

  • Really use the senses so the reader can visualise
  • Correct sentences 
  • Short, sharp sentences to build tension (in parts) 
  • Paragraphing groups of sentences
  • Beginning, middle and end
  • Problem and resolution
Here is our writing prompt, including words that we visualised from the prompt using our senses. I wonder how well we will achieve the criteria of the story.

We are off to a good start! These voice recordings are from various students' first steps to create a story generated from the visual prompt. 

Casey reading from "Branches"

Alexandra reading from "Once Upon A Time"

Parris reading from "Mysterious Tunnel"

Jacob reading from "The Forest Of Gold"

Kharn reading from "Little Blue Riding Hood"

Bianca reading from "The Four Friends"

Jake reading from "The Peaceful Path"

Hannah reading from "The Thing That Is Following Me"


  1. Great post Mr.M!
    I really enjoyed listening to all of the recordings!
    I am sad that I missed that lesson from being away!

  2. Awesome Post Mr.M!
    I really wanted to say to do this writing. I also really enjoyed listening to the recordings. Great Job Guys!

  3. Awesome post Mr.M!
    This is going to be really fun.
    All the recordings were great and clear.
    Well done:)

  4. Great work room 20. I really like all the recordings they are all very clear. I especially like Casey's story. Room 20 came up with great words. For senses this are great. Well done:)

  5. Great post Mr M and good work room 20.

  6. Well done to all the students who contributed their voice recordings. You did so well! I am looking forward to reading the completed stories.

  7. Cool post Mr M. They are all loud and clear Great work Room 20.