Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Using Two Strategies

Today in Maths we tried to use two strategies for each problem we solved. We then put a STAR to choose which strategy worked best for these numbers. Many of us learnt to use Rounding and Compensating as a strategy. Here is some of our work from the interactive whiteboard.


  1. Wow Mr Moriarty that was cool. I learnt
    lot it was much fun are we doing it again?

  2. Today's lesson was so much fun.
    I really enjoyed it.
    My best strategy was P.V!
    What was yours?

    1. It depends on the numbers and how they work together, Felicity.

      I do like it when I can use proportional strategies such as doubling and halving or tripling and thirding however. It makes me feel smart!

  3. Awesome Mr.M!
    I really enjoyed the lesson too, I like the way we do tricky maths problems at the start of maths. I like R.C,P.V and D.H, it was fun:)Is there any other easy strategies?

  4. Awesome Mr.M!
    I really enjoyed the lesson, it was really fun and also brain testing at the same time. I really enjoyed all the questions because we got to choose which strategie we used and then star which one was easiest.

  5. Hi there Room 16. I have been having a look at your blog and can see there is lots of cool learning going on. I have enjoyed the recording of maths strategies. I am a teacher in Room 12 at Mayfair School with Year 2's and I think they would love to see your blog and learn lots of cool stuff. Tino pai rawa atu. Miss Tichborne - Mayfair School.